Meet The Band

Meet The Band

Click on the headshots to hear what they have to say

Click the headshots to hear what they have to say


Martin Kozina

Once you’ve been part of The SHB family you never really leave.

Marko Bosak

No bullshit, no fake smiles.
Just music fueled with true stories, written and played from the heart.

In this crazy world where true musical values are thrown into oblivion, Bosak and The Second Hand Band bring you the music you can feel as well as hear

while listening to it…. LOUDLY!

Let it in and fly. Peace & Love!

“Bosak & The Second Hand Band” (BSHB) is a rock‘n’roll band from Zagreb, Croatia.

A band that lives and plays their music straight from the heart with only one goal: to reach the heart of the listener who feels and lets him/herself be taken by the hand on a journey through the band's infinite stories.

Four true friends started this journey back in the 2000s when they gathered and formed the first line up of “The Second Hand Band”. As the band’s at-the-time drummer, Marko Bosak with other members of The Second Hand Band had a dream: The Second Hand Band should become a vehicle for the musicians with the same taste in music and the love for playing and live a life of its own together with the fans that come aboard.

The band will keep good old rock‘n’roll alive!

As a result of the cooperation of all the wonderful people, in 2012 The Second Hand Band released their first studio album of rock'n'roll covers “That’s how we do it”, published by Croatia Records and produced by a multiple “Porin” award winner Dragutin Smokrović “Smokva”. The story goes on.

Many great people and musicians took the ride on the SHB train. They gave their energy, time, love and poured their souls into the band’s signature. They made the band what it is, and where it is today.

The Second Hand Band - That's how we do it - album

Based on a True Story

Bosak & The Second Hand Band - Based on a true story - album

Eight years later, nine musicians, that walked alone through Rock`n’Roll, Blues, Southern rock and Country finally merged their paths into one. Taking eleven true stories from his life, frontman and lead singer Marko Bosak and the band put them to music, gave them their collective signature and gave birth to the band’s first original studio album called “Based on a True Story” published in 2020 by Nota Bene Records.

Everyone who knows BSHB, knows that we never rest, and we're always working on new projects.

So stay tuned!


And become part of the BSHBrotherhood and Sisterhood