Jam in the Room (acoustic session)

December 10

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Hey, brothers and sisters, we have great news for you!

I'm proud to announce that our first acoustic EP of 6 songs called "Jam in the Room"  is officially released on all music streaming services.

You may have already seen some of the videos from the session on our social media profiles and our YouTube channel. We rarely brag about these things but…..

the video for "Already there"  has now reached 330,000 views on Facebook and it has become something much more for us, opening a big door for us by spreading our story all over the world. 

So it’s only fitting that we follow this success up by giving you (our fans) these acoustic versions of song from the “Based on a True Story” album so you can enjoy them alongside the studio versions.

The Idea

In this strange time and crazy world in which we live, we did not stop doing what we love the most, and since we were not allowed to play in front of you, we decided to play for you virtually and realized a project that I have long wanted to do.So I knocked on the door of our great friend and brother Željko Batinić Žac and just like that, brought 13 people in his basement home studio. Needless to say, he was delighted! <wink wink>

We've played 7 songs "Based on a True Story" in an acoustic / room / home arrangement and invited our buddy Jelenko Hodak-Jec, from Studio Green Hill to record it all, because we love to have him arround and he does it so well! 

Of course, we've also had a phone camera standing by, so you could, still can and will always be able to see these videos on our YouTube channel

At first we imagined it only as video releases for YouTube, but when the audio part was done and when I listened to it, I was thrilled! The sound, the feeling was there and I really personally enjoy these new, intimate, versions of my songs.

And all this time I thought to my self that it's a huge shame that not everyone who loves that album can hear "Jam in the Room"  seesion, because after all, those songs are made to be listened to. We play so that whoever listens would feel and hear the songs and stories so we have to make sure that everyone can listen to it together with our other audio releases in the playlist or wherever they want. 

Track List

Jam in the room EP cover

I know I've said that, we've recorded 7 songs, and yes we did, but "Her Song" didn’t make the cut so we decided it should stay in the drawer.
You’ll hear it eventually… 

Until then, enjoy, listen, share, and I hope you’ll find yourself in our stories. We'll see you, hopefully very soon at a gig so that we can sing these songs together!

Love & peace to you all!

Marko Bosak

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