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May 2

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"We finally managed to make a record with our favorite covers and original songs, recorded live in a top studio the way we always imagined it. It also coincided that we were not allowed to play in front of the audience, so that was another reason to record a live concert from the studio so that we could somehow make it up for our fans and followers for their support and offer them something new from us."

~ Marko Bosak

The “STUDIO SESSIONS” live album and why we recorded it

We played a lot at that time and rehearsed, composed the repertoire, played for ourselves in our rehearsal room, worked on details that we didn't have time for in the times when we toured a lot and many great things were born from that so, I thought for a long time which songs could we record because we wanted to tell the audience so much, we wanted to show what we were doing all that time, and in the end, we chose twelve songs, six covers and six of our original songs that were somehow the most accepted and listened to by our fans and followers at the time. We decided to release eleven of them and one remained as a bonus track.

Find the studio...

When the idea of recording the “Studio Session” was complete and the whole plan of how and what we wanted and needed to do was on the table, our publisher recommended a “Sunday Studios” to me, a studio where it would be ideal to record.

I had no idea that this studio existed, so I went to take a look and finally realised that I know the owner of the studio Sven Pavlović from some other earlier cooperations but we never worked together!

Producer and mix engineer

Although I like to know everything and be sure of how and what, the one to whom I will give our project in the hands, does, I said to myself, “Ok you don't always have to be a control freak, let's see what will come out of this”.
I thought that Sven was doing all the work, but on the day of recording, he introduced me to his colleague Jelenko Hodak Jec from Studio Green Hill and said that he would produce and mix all the material and together they would record everything!

And btw, Jec is a great guy, he loves your music and you can agree on everything with him and he is gentle with the prices 🙂
So I said ok again, reduce those panic attacks, it doesn't matter that you see him for the first time and you've never worked with him, just let's see what happens!

Recording day

The band started to gather in the studio that morning around 10.00 am, there was a whole video team with us, everyone slowly started to prepare their part, the atmosphere was great, positive, and cheerful, just the way I wanted it to be.

The result is that with sixteen people in the studio, we`ve recorded thirty six audio and video tracks in a day and a half without a single raised tone!

The band, the Crew, Sven, Jec, video team - Siniša Uštulica, Igor Šeler, Saša Avakumović (AS Aerial), Tomislav Vedrina from Emuzičar, our marketing manager were all incredibly professional, great at what they do, focused on what they do, and we were such a great team which I think you can hear on those tracks.
I never thought we could do it and I think the band stepped up one more professional step after that!

Album release

And so, when we finished recording, we waited impatiently for a while for the first audio recordings and when we heard them, we were thrilled and that’s where I first thought it would be a sin not to listen to it as an album instead of just watching it as video.

The more audio tracks I got and the more I listened to it and got feedback from the people I let them hear I realised we had to do it! So we decided to present the audio material to “Nota Bene Records” and release that project as a live album called "Studio Session" live from Sunday Studios.

As of May 2nd, 2022 The Studio Session album is live on all music platforms worldwide!

And here are the links to the most popular ones we know you guys use.

Big Hometown Concert

A couple of months ago we released our acoustic Ep called “Jam in the Room", so it would be crazy just to release another album, that's why we decided to wait a bit and celebrate that album release in a special way with our fans and band friends.

We decided to take our fans and band friends, and people who listen to our music a little bit deeper, through the whole adventure of album recording and end this journey with one big concert in our hometown.

This was the biggest concert BSHB has ever played and a promotion of the “Studio Session” and “Based on a True Story” albums, since “Based on a True Story” was born in a crazy time and it didn't have a chance to be promoted as it should be!

A recording of this concert will eventually be available but you will have to be patient.

With a little help from our friends

The next day, when everything was recorded, a huge stone fell from our hearts. We felt that we had successfully done a great job and Sale had a birthday that day, so we celebrated it all together loud & proud!

We were waiting for the first audio versions to hear how it sounds and I think we got “Hey Jude” first and I remember that we were thrilled with how it sounded!
At that moment it occurred to me that it is a pity that people cannot listen to it as an audio album but just watch and listen to it as a video, but I`ll talk about that later 🙂
Namely, the moment to pay the costs of the project came soon, and since we have paid for everything ourselves so far, and that we gave everything we had for the studio album, I had nothing else to do but look for sponsors for this project. I sent inquiries to big companies, etc. and of course, no one gave any answer. And when it seemed that I would have to sell the car or everything I have to cover the expenses of that project, our friends from various parts, who love and follow the band from day one showed up.

These are the people who have dreamed their own dream, tried hard to make it come true and they are very successful in what they do today, and they see us dreaming and slowly turning a dream into reality so they want to help us because they know how thorny and hard this way is.

About our friends

Hotel Express International

And it all started at my dear friend's party who asked me to come and play a private event for her and our friends where after a whole night of playing and singing we sat down and talked about what's up and when they asked me how the band was I told them I would probably have to sell the car because I can't find sponsors for the project, and my friend Ariana Krizel from “HEI Hrvatska” said to that, “Bosak, the studio will be paid tomorrow morning but my song is "Already there" “ and that's where the idea was born that each sponsor provides one “Studio Session” song that he likes.

Hi everybody second hand is in town, we bring you love and happy sound... But when you travel with a band like this, with 12 people on the road, it's hard work.

So you have to be sure, when the job is done, and the show is over, that the band and the staff get great accommodation, so that they can rest, and be ready for the next concert, the next day. With so many people, it can be quite expensive, that's why we always have our friends by our side, Hotel Express International had our back every time we go on the road, cause we get our high-class accommodation at half the price, and the best thing is, they arrange everything for us, and they became a great friend, and important part of our BSHB family, through the years.

If you are on the road to something that's already there, Hotel Express International will travel with you.

Beach Bar Faros

And so that the story continued to the next friends whose song immediately became known because there’s a cool story behind it. It was the legendary “Hey Jude”

Throughout our career, we've seen a lot of places, and we`ve played on a lot of stages, but only a few of them made us feel at home and left us speechless. One of them is „Beach Bar Faros” from Filip Jakov, Croatia!

We played there for the first time, a long time ago, and we come back every year cause it's always that same old feeling, like we are comin` home! The beach, sunset, the stage, great music, party, wonderful people and their hospitality, friends, acoustic unplugged concert, BSHB family, and "Hey Jude" are what we have in mind when we are about to go to play there. At one of our concerts there we played “Hey Jude” as the last song and the crowd went mad, so since then, there is no way that we can play our "Faros concert" without „Hey Jude“ as the last song. It just became a ritual of every show, through the years. That's why they chose that song as their “Studio Session” favorite one.

Bard Mala Buža

Our original song “Revolution” is also on the Studio Session set list and our friends from “Bard Mala Buža”, Dubrovnik, helped us to make that video possible. 

They have been there for us from the very beginning, we started our first big concert steps in their home on their one of the most special stages we have ever played on. They are our great friends, they taught us many things about show business, professionalism and how the show should look like. I will never forget the lesson-story about Messi (but that's for another day). They always make us feel at home there and today I can really say that they are our family!

Sladović d.o.o.

On our way, there were people who listened to us when we use to talk about the band and how much we love it, followed what do, basically watched us grow and whenever it got stuck somewhere they would push us a little and direct us back on our way and now they are here again for us! 

Their name is “Sladović d.o.o.” and my great friend who stands behind that company is Davor Sladović and his wonderful family.

Their favorite song that was played live for the first time on their home terrace in an intimate atmosphere at one of our many gatherings was "Her Song" and that's why they chose this video and made it possible for you.

Caffe Bar Verdi

The next friend I want to introduce to you is “Caffe Bar Verdi” and the people behind that name.

It's one of the most famous places to drink coffee in the center of the city throughout the day, and enjoy the evening while listening to great music, drinking famous Croatian wine and smoking a cigar!

It's one more place where we feel like home, where the music lives in the heart of the city, and where you can hear and see us play acoustic intimate concerts every once in a while. They love and support our story from the very first day, they love our version of ABBs “Ain't wastin` time no more” very much, that's why they were the perfect friend to make this video possible for you!

Natursteine Rongen-Grahovac

Our next friends live quite a distance from us but are always close when we need support. They are “Natursteine Rongen-Grahovac” from Tubingen, Germany!

The people behind that name are literally family and my support from day one in whichever direction I headed. As children we listened to records that our fathers loved, SHB played in Germany at their important life events, they have always supported our projects, and our cover of CCRs “Down on the corner'' is their song from this album!

As you can see there are 5 songs left that don't have a sponsor yet.

“Comin Home”, "Lovin on my mind”, “For You”, “Delta Lady” and “That Smell”

If you want to be a part of this project and you want to support it, and you want your story to be told in the promotion of one ( or two or however many you want)of the sponsor free videos feel free to contact us and you will help us a lot that way.

In Conclusion

We hope you`ll enjoy the “Studio Session” project, that you will enjoy listening to it and watching it as much as we enjoyed playing and recording it.
There are a lot of years of playing, ups and downs behind those tunes so I really hope you're gonna like it.

Send us your impressions, leave a comment at the bottom and tell us how you like these live versions of our songs.

See you soon and 'till then, 

Peace, Love and BSHB to you all!

Marko Bosak

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