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August 2

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Most of the times, when someone asks me what I think about the modern music scene I don't know what to telll them.
I'm really not the person to comment on that because I don't understand all of it and obviously the problem is me.

I miss the music that’s made to be listened to!

It seems to me that there are two views in conflict here - music as a means of making money and music as music.

I just can't understand that music is made not to be listened to, but to be played on the radio as background noise, to bother you.

I hear these famous singers of ours on the radio and I have a feeling as if they are reading random sentences one after the other with no connection between them. Someone put some chords behind the words so it at least fits musically, added a melody and an arrangement, depending on which part of the country the performer comes from. A little Greece, a pinch of Dalmatia, or a teaspoon of Slavonia…. Or when the “klapa“ (the traditional Dalmatian vocal group) sings pop and adds a little something from Arianna Grande or some trap, and then my child grows up with this, is bombarded with it from all sides, and he thinks it’s music.

It's crazy to me, but I say that obviously the problem is in me and I'm not at the level to understand it yet. I guess and hope I'll reach that level one day.

Here and there you will come across a young performer who tells a story, plays well, and stands with his heart behind every word he sings, and then it is heard. It's very rare and in my opinion, it should be a priority for such musicians to be the majority but unfortunately, they are not and that has become normal somehow.

You would be surprised how many talented young bands there are, but no one stands behind them and no one will finance their start or push them, because it is a huge job.

It's not the fault of the performers who jump out from everywhere and who everyone comments on, they just play by the rules of the game, because they can.

It’s up to the leaders of the music industry, those who set those rules, who set the bar too low to say: “THIS IS BAD! Go practice a little more and come back!”. It seems to me that that fine line of good taste is gone. Well, it's not how it used to be….

Here's an example...

If you play, let's say, one tone on the radio all day… just one tone….all the time… people would just start humming it after three days. That's right! And they would fall in love for the first time with that tone on the radio, meet new people, or experience some important moments in their life and think and connect them to that tone. This tone would always remind them of an important experience. So it is the same with someone playing the worst song on the radio all the time. People will start singing it in a couple of days. That means that the people who determine what will be played on the radio, who will get a chance on the air, and on whom the stage lights will be directed, have a huge responsibility and a very responsible job.

These are the people who are to blame for what we are forced to listen to on the radio in a vast majority and what is being called music today and it's very comparable to that tone I was talking about at the beginning, and the tone is mostly out of tune...

But well, I say once again that there is obviously a problem in me and I am not yet at that level to understand and comprehend it, so I hope I will come to that one day.

And if you ask me about this situation, the musical situation in the coronavirus madness, I think that reckless measures have been taken, without a plan and program and without thinking in advance and, without the people doing it, not preparing for various scenarios. I believe it is not easy, and that the orders and actions of the bigger and stronger countries we are looking at must be followed, but there cannot be different criteria, either everything is closed or it is open!

Musicians and the whole entertainment industry have been brought to the brink of extinction, which could have been different. The situation should be taken seriously, but in my opinion, it could be organized much better so that everyone can survive somehow until this madness passes.

On the other hand, we have time to prepare, record, work on new materials, create plans for a better future that, I hope, is coming soon, and be better for it when all this passes, despite those who forbade us to do so. I prefer to look at these things positively, especially the ones I can’t change at the moment, so I adjust and figure out a way to function within the given framework.

Marko Bosak

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